Fraud Prevention Training

Ever heard the phrase, “knowledge is power?” In most cases, having more knowledge enables us, as human beings, to deal more effectively with situations. That said, I wanted to talk about something that is becoming increasingly important in the fight against employee fraud. Anti-fraud education, or what we at Fraud Investigative Services call it, Fraud Prevention Training. This is a comprehensive, 8 lesson course that teaches the fundamentals of how small businesses are victimized by employee fraud and how they can protect themselves from it. The two major reasons that small businesses are especially vulnerable to employee fraud, are: 1) Organizations with few employees often lack basic accouting controls, and 2) There is a high level of trust that exists in small organizations, therefore, employees and management tend to be less alert to the possibility that fraud may be occurring. Fraud Prevention Training can go a long ways towards increasing the odds that employee fraud will be discovered early on, as employees will be more vigilant and aware of the red flags of fraud.